July 15, 2024

Shree Aadi Jin Yuvak Charitable Trust

24th Free Animal Medical Camp at Akola (Maharashtra)

The Trust just completed their 24th free medical camp as part of their ongoing commitment to help animals. Every being deserves compassion and there are those amongst us who cannot speak yet suffer silently from diseases such as hernia, cancer, gynecological issues, orthopedic issues ,cataract, tumors, etc. These animals along with those that need to be vaccinated, dewormed, hurt in accidents etc. are all treated free of charge. 

The village people and farmers, who cannot afford to provide medical aid to their livestock but rely on them for their wellbeing, benefit most from this. Veterinarians are approached and with their support along with PG/UG doctors, the camp catered to more than 2000 animals in one day. 

It is only through the Grace of Bhagwan, the hard work of volunteers and doctors who carry out surveys, make farmers aware and educate them on common issues that arise, showing how to properly look after their animals to ensure long term wellbeing. 

Our trust is always thankful to Doctors, Volunteers, local government bodies, animal santuactury and donors for their generosity for us to continue this ongoing workwork.

 Daily Good Cause Activities Carried Out by the Trust: 

“JEEVDAYA” – Abhaydan to 1 Jeev : Rs 2500, Adoption of 1 Jeev for 1 Year : Rs 12000, 1 Chara Truck @ Panjrapole : Rs 15000. Feeding Street Dogs, Animals & Juwar for pigeons at Nallasopara for 1 Day for Rs 2000. Gaushala Panni / Chara Havada : Rs 51000. Construction of Shed for Animals: Rs 5 Lakh +. 

“ANUKAMPA” – Chemo for needy child patient @ Wadia & KEM Hospitals : Rs 15000. Wheel Chair for Needy: Rs 4500. Tiffin Seva for 125 senior citizens @ Nallasopara 1 Day : Rs 9000. Adoption of 1 Senior Citizen for 1 year: Rs 30000. Daily Fruit distribution @ Tata & Wadia Hospitals in Children’s Ward: Rs 2000.

For making Woman Aatmanirbhar Sewing Machine: Rs 8000. Jain Sadharmik for Hospitalization and Medicines:  Rs 20000. 

80G Available for income tax exemption and are registered for undertaking CSR Activities 

Bank details – 



Account No : 2513117411. IFSC Code : KKBK0000666.

For more information on the Trust and it’s activities please call Jayesh Jariwala 99204 94433. Bharat Mehta 93222 22928.