July 13, 2024

No Parking issue on Ridge road continues

Car parking issues on B.G. Kher Marg (Ridge Road) persist, with traffic cops still not officially allowing local residents to park their cars. The majority of people complain that their buildings are old and that there isn’t enough parking. They assert, however, that they have been parking their cars without problem and obstruction for many years and that a few months ago the Traffic Police put up no parking signs and began levying heavy penalties ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1500 for obstructing traffic. 

Buildings have sent letters supporting the reinstatement of earlier parking and protesting to the sudden installation of No Parking signs and the levy of fines. Residents have addressed this matter to the local MLA & MP, the district’s Guardian Minister, and others, who have attempted to intervene with no success. The traffic police allow car parking overnight but not officially, they don’t levy fines. The no parking sign boards are still there, some are removed and shifted elsewhere on the road.


Residents are also following up with Traffic Police authorities, voicing their concerns to the top personnel. In their support letters, residents note that the parking lot is somewhat far from the buildings and difficult to access due to the steep hill slopes, and that many senior citizens live in their buildings who cannot walk that far. Shop owners on the road have also given their support through their letters. We sincerely hope and request the authorities to resolve this issue at the earliest and give relief to residents.