July 14, 2024

Inner Wheel Club Bombay North

June 2024

Sugatpuri Krida Mandal Sports Complex, Igatpuri 
Joint Project of Inner Wheel Club and Rotary Club of Bombay North

A rural sports complex that had been outdated for years and utilised by locals for unscrupulous activities has now been totally rebuilt and updated with the latest sports equipment thanks to generous donations from members of both the Inner Wheel Club and Rotary Club of Bombay North.

The Clubs, true to their mission of ‘Shine a Light’, did bring Shine into the lives of these young emerging sportsmen from rural India who lacked the necessary facilities. 

This Project is a work in progress, and they have a lot of work to do here..

Initiatives like this can indeed make a significant impact on the lives of young athletes and provide them with the resources they need to excel in sports. Hopefully, the successful inauguration of this Sports Complex in rural areas will inspire and empower young athletes to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential in sports.  

Article By Vidya Mukund

May 2024

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay North celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ at All Saints senior citizens home at Mazagaon on 13th May 2024. To celebrate Mother’s Day the club set out to entertain and spend some much needed time with the Mothers who are spending their last leg of their life in this old age home.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you. (By-Vidya Mukund)

April 2024

On March 26, 2024, Gabula Foundation, in collaboration with Ms. Anchal Jhaveri, established the 40th ‘Library 4 All’ at the SVRR School on the Tardeo Municipal School campus. Along with the ‘Library 4 All’ unit, books that were relevant and important to the children were also offered. The Club’s goal is to promote healthy reading among youngsters, and in keeping with their aim of shining a light, the IWCBN is extremely honoured and grateful to be a part of this fantastic project. 

The theme for the Club’s International Women’s day was – ” Inspire Inclusion.”  IWCBN celebrated Women’s Day amongst HIV +ve survivors, sex workers, and transgenders who represent the LGBQT community to educate them about their rights. This celebration was held on 9th March 2024 at Francisican Missionaries of Mary, Social Service Society, St Anthony home, Nagpada, Mumbai. 

Let gender not be a limitation. Empower her, and she empowers the world. 

(By Vidya Mukund) 

March 2024

The Club organised a personality and grooming workshop on March 4, 2024, at SSL High School in Mumbai 400012. Grooming and personality development are two critical aspects of personal growth and self-improvement. The Club had asked Mr. Vivaan Parashar, a celebrity and personality development coach, to speak about the subject. (By Vidya Mukund)

February 2024

It was wonderful that INWCBN organised this inter-school art competition that aligns with the Inner Wheel’s mission of promoting equa-lity, healthy competition, camaraderie & child growth. The competition was held on 5th February 2023 at the SSL High School, Mumbai 400012. 

IWCBN organized a session with Dr Binny Sareen to understand Meditation for Peace, Hope for the World, Wisdom for life and the discovery of Spirituality as a way of life. Keeping with the ethos of Inner Wheel club to encourage the ideals of personal service and service to community, it is imperative to invoke a sense of well-being and happiness within ourselves to be able to help others at large. (By Vidya Mukund)