July 19, 2024

Car Parking Issues

Residents of Walkeshwar Road, Hanging Garden Walkers, and Ridge Road have been dealing with car parking troubles for several months.


Hanging Garden is at the top of the hill, most walkers arrive by car. Many travel a few kilometres from their homes. Several people have received traffic fines ranging from 500 to 1500 rupees (see picture on the right). The unexpected implementation of rule has disrupted the decades-long peaceful arrangement of law-abiding citizens. There was never any traffic jam next to the garden. It was usually a quiet affair.

Movement of VIP cars earlier was always with the flow of regular traffic. Now entire traffic movement is stopped for making way for VIPs. This is causing a silent but peaceful rebellion among affected people.

Ridge Road residents have been continuously in dialogue with the authorities to resolve their parking issue. Authorities are working on a solution with the assistance of locals.


According to one regular walker of Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill has been voting massively in favour of one political party in recent elections, and it is unfortunate to see this situation where such actions and fines are imposed by authorities.