July 15, 2024

Restore trees cover at Marine Drive

BMC was praised when the coastal road started and why not the project is an engineering marvel. Good work needs to be appreciated. Recently BMC announced that it has restored the 1 km Marine Drive promenade it had demolished to build the coastal road project. However they have not restored the tree cover as seen in the picture below. BMC had cut around 160 tress there to facilitate the coastal road construction. Restore the trees BMC! Tree activist Zoru Bathena has written to BMC regarding this issue. Our neighbourhood will remember how ruthlessly BMC had cut the trees of Tata Garden to allow construction for coastal road after the courts vacated their stay. We sincerely hope the BMC completes what they had promised to do with the open spaces created while constructing the coastal road. We expect them to be a marvel just like the coastal road.