July 17, 2024

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview

June 2024

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview sponsored the construction of a new staircase and installed CCTV cameras at Ashrayam Special Needs School in Kannur. These changes are designed to improve the school’s accessibility and security, resulting in a better environment for both students and staff.

The new staircase substantially improves the ease of movement for everyone at the school, particularly those with mobility challenges. The staircase serves as an alternate secure and efficient escape route, assuring the protection of all persons during an emergency.

The CCTV cameras allow for continuous observation, providing an extra layer of security for youngsters, particularly those who require additional supervision.

CCTV may be used by school staff to monitor everyday activities and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview’s act shows a strong commitment to supporting Ashrayam Special Needs School. By spending in these critical improvements, they have significantly enhanced the school’s infrastructure, promoting a safer and more accessible learning environment.

(By Rajni Barasia)

May 2024

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview is making a real difference in animal welfare. In a busy city where animals often get overlooked, this club stands out for its compassion & action. Affec-tionately tagged as “Jeevdaya” this is an ongoing project for the Club. 

They focus on rescuing and caring for abandoned cows, ensuring they have a safe place to stay and providing them with regular food. But it’s not just cows they help – they also feed and care for dogs, cats, and birds, making sure no animal in need goes hungry.

Their work doesn’t stop at feeding. They also provide medical treatment for sick and injured animals, ensuring they get the help they need.

By donating generously and advocating for animals, the members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview are showing what real compassion looks like. They’re inspiring others to join them in creating a more caring world for all creatures. (By Rajni Barasia)

April 2024

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview organized a Breast Cancer detection camp for the ladies of Colaba Machimar Nagar on 2nd March. This camp was conducted in a medical van at a BMC garden. Around 27 ladies were screened in a touchless manner using thermal processes. The ladies were also explained how to keep a check by self-examining themselves at home as well. The medical team was from Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti, the Club thanked Ex Mun. Corporator Shri Makarand Narvekar and his team for helping them in arranging this camp. The project received media coverage. Along with this, the Club did a host of small meaningful projects for the Banjara women of Rajasthan. 

The Club has installed an interactive teaching board at S.P.J. Sadhana School in Mumbai. This board will be useful in teaching differently-abled learners. They will learn both technical and cognitive skills. It will also function as a medium for enjoyable learning. In addition, the Club will sponsor another board in April 2024. (By Rajni Barasia)

March 2024

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview established a science lab at Yusuf Meherally Vidyalaya.  National Science Day is observed in India on February 28 each year to commemorate the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on February 28, 1928.  Yusuf Meherally Vidyalaya school is located at Tulsiwadi, Tardeo and it is a government funded school. 

The scientific lab was entirely rebuilt from scratch, and the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview opened it on this momentous day. Members of the Club attended the inauguration, which was done by Vice District Chairman Prerana Raichur. What a fitting day for the official opening—National Science Day!  

They had an inadequate laboratory, the Club has now provided them with their perfect space. The school’s older students will utilise the laboratory for experiments, and the younger pupils will use it to demonstrate science experiments. 

A number of Club members made this project succeed, including one who assisted with the laboratory’s whole design and construction

(By Rajni Barasia)

February 2024

It was the month for children for Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview. 

They started last month by hosting their flagship project, “Indradhanush,” on January 13, 2024. This was an art competition for children from NGOs and government-aided schools. 106 students participated, and the competition was held in the Kamla Nehru Park Amphitheatre. The project was graced by the Inner Wheel District Chairman, Pallavi Choksi. The theme of the competition was “Makar Sankranti is a perfect example of unity in diversity. Every state in India has different ways of celebrating Makar Sankranti, but the theme – harvest season – is the uniting factor. One Festival, Many Names. Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Magh Bihu, and Lohri!” The competition ended with the Children enjoying the spectacular air show by the Indian Air Force. 

The Club followed this by sponsoring Sprit 2024, a sports day for differently-abled children. This was an interschool event organized by Sadhana School and sponsored by the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Bayview. 120 students participated in different races, and the members of our club were there to provide support, give prizes, and encourage the children. Their grit, determination, spirit, and smiles won our hearts, and it was an overwhelming experience for the members who attended the event. (By Rajni Barasia)