July 12, 2024

Setalvad Road traffic & Civic Issues

Residents of Setalvad Road, off Nepean Sea Road, are experiencing traffic troubles as a result of the traffic authorities’ decision to stop the right turn into their lane (as shown in the picture below). Residents say that this decision was made without consulting the locals. Residents now proceed and, in any case, take a u-turn opposite the petrol pump following Matru Ashish building. Furthermore, the cement blocks placed outside their road restrict and delay emergency services. Effective steps taken by authorities after speaking with residents would be helpful in finding a solution that is convenient for everyone.

Their road was resurfaced last year, but the resurfacing is uneven, and rain water gathers in the uneven portions, creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and posing a health risk from monsoon illnesses. We hope the authorities take note of this and give relief to the residents.