July 17, 2024

Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview

June 2024

Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview did Jaipur foot camp for 25 people this month. People came on clutches, went home on their own feet. Thanks to Rtn Vimal Shah.

From July 23 to June 24, the Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview financed Nandadeep Orphanage’s rent, teacher salaries, groceries, and other expenses. A Club thanks their President Sameer Shah and other donors for their continued support for this cause. 

Paediatric surgery: The ICU section at KEM Hospital serves the underprivileged and deserving citizens of Maharashtra.

 They operate on newborns and children under the age of 12 for birth defects, complex malformations, chest and abdominal diseases, renal and urinary tract disorders, solid cancers of the chest and abdomen, and execute highly specialist surgery. Many newborns and young children undergoing major surgery require pre and post-operative ventilator support. For such patients, the Club donated a Neonatal paediatric ventilator worth over 21 lakhs. Thanks to Rtn Shilpa Palod and others.

The Club sponsored football coaching for 50 children from the Geetanagar slums and offered snacks to them after the camp. 

The club donated athletic equipment, including 50 pairs of lezims, to the Ashram shala in Parli, Palghar. Thanks to their Club’s ongoing effort, “Sports for a Cause”.

(By Rajni Barasia)

May 2024

The Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview (RCBB), established in 2002, is part of the global Rotary network, comprising over 1.4 million members worldwide. With more than 140 members, RCBB represents a diverse range of professionals in Mumbai, including doctors, architects, bankers, educators, and more. Committed to philanthropy, integrity, and leadership, RCBB has completed numerous impactful projects through the generosity of its members. They serve as a bridge between corporations and beneficiaries, offering not just financial support but also volunteering time and expertise to ensure project success with minimal overhead costs. Notably, RCBB was honoured as one of the top three Rotary clubs globally in Foundation at the Rotary Convention in Bangkok in Membership and Rotary Giving.

Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview distributed customised scooters to the specially abled people in Naseoh (Chembur) an organisation which supports for equal opportunities for the Handicapped. By distributing customised scooters their mobility is improved as they are working in a mobile repair shop, vending stalls, call centre, aadhar registration services and as vegetable vendors. 

The project of distributing cycles to the deserving students is an on-going project since the last few years for the Club. They distributed one cycle each to the best all-rounder boy and girl of 25 Zilla Parishad Schools of Dahanu totalling 50 cycles. Every year Recipients have been different, but the excitement and motivation to excel is the same. Despite the crazy heat, the enthusiasm among the students to receive their new bicycles, earned through their hard work and achievements, was simply extraordinary.

Parents, students, and teachers – all were filled with joy and gratitude. Some children even created thank-you cards.

(By Rajni Barasia)

April 2024

The Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview donated a ventilator worth Rs 18 lacs to the Cardiology Department at Nair Hospital. They only had one working ventilator when the Club donated it last month. This ventilator has already saved the lives of 20 patients. The club donated garden benches, a tetra pack huge bin and small pots, an indoor exercise bike and gym ball, tactile diagram books, a twin slide, an MGR-4 seater, and other items totaling around Rs 4 lacs to the Kamla Mehta School for the Blind in Dadar. The school has been educating and rehabilitating blind students for the past 123 years. 

The school provides free education from preschool to SSC, as well as accommodation and boarding facilities. The school has also provided other amenities such as a science and language laboratory, a gymnasium, karate, music, and dance classes to help the children develop holistically. The school currently has 150 girl pupils, with 60% coming from rural areas. 

Bombay Bayview conducted rural projects in various Zilla Parishad schools in Vikramgarh taluka. They assisted with the painting of the Kalampada School. The old toilet blocks have been renovated to separate boys and females, each with two urinals and a toilet. 

The Club provided the essential laptop and printer to the children of Ghalatpada, as well as solar panels to the Gondpada school. For Khandeghar children’s playground equipment include a swing, slide, and seesaw. The Club received many wonderful messages from Gondpada teachers. 

(By Rajani Barasia)

March 2024

Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview sponsored 100 Kashmiri children to study in Army school instead of Madarssas for 3 years. Cost is Rs 6000 per child per year, Rs. 18 lacs total. 

According to army seniors if a child is in their school for 3 yrs the chances for radicalisation are very slim. Club donated 18 lakhs thanks to Jatin and Smita Parekh who arranged the funds through CSR. 

President Sameer Shah went to Baramulla Govt. Schools himself and addressed the parents of these below poverty line children who would be inducted in the army school.

The time has come to revive, restore, preserve, and encourage our traditional art forms and artisans. Vishala at ‘Eki Beki’ is doing exactly the same. We are delighted to be able to help and encourage these artisans and ‘Eki Beki’ by donating one furnace and two sheet cutting machines worth Rs 2.5 lakhs. Thank you, Rtn. Vidya, for this donation.

The Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview provided support to two lifetime shelter homes for mentally challenged persons, Sangopita and Adhar, in Badlapur. Sangopita has been supported by Bayview for over ten years, and it has made a significant difference in the lives of both the residents and their families.

It was a privilege to meet Ravindraji, who founded Sangopita as a parent of a child with cerebral palsy. They now care for several children in addition to their own. Denizens get love and support in a warm and welcoming environment, and each inmate is given personal attention. Rotary Bayview’s support may be found everywhere. It’s furnishings, whether in the yoga room, the activities centre, or the connected senior citizen home. The senior citizen home was designed with the idea that elders might provide the love and attention that these children lacked in their lives.

Adhar (Association of Parents of Mentally Disabled Children) is a well-established charity that is currently considering writing a guideline on how to build up similar homes for mentally challenged children. It was encouraging to see that they had people from age 18 to 83 years. Inmates were also taught how to produce and decorate various goods. Club gave air conditioning to their auditorium. This has brought a lot of joy to the children and adults living there. We saw them dance and perform for us. We were overcome with thankfulness when one of them stated “आज रात्री मी इथेच ज़ोपनार “. (I will sleep here tonight as it is nice and cool!) (By Rajni Barasia)

February 2024

Rotary club of Bombay Bayview, along with Roshni Foundation organised “Group Wedding” of 25 tribal couples in Dahanu on a grand level on 4th February. It was nice to see couples with their family members, friends and relatives beaming with joy and celebration. Samuhik Vivah is a great solution for poor couples to get married in a dignified manner.

Marriage is a pios relationship of our rich culture. Unfortunately, due to extreme poverty, and a custom of feeding meat, and serving alcohol to the entire village people, these couples could not get married and elderly couples later lose hope. 

The Club are grateful to other Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs for their open hearted contributions with money and kinds – wedding sarees, jewellery, payal, poli, table fans, various kitchen utensils, mats, makeup items, towels, shawls, toiletries, groceries, big trunk to keep the clothes, big bags, big drum to keep the groceries etc. needed to start a life together for all 25 couples. (By Rajni Barasia)