July 13, 2024

Residents’ Views on Traffic & Civic Issues

Possible solution for car parking problem

Mr. Gupta, resident and concerned citizen of Malabar Hill has suggested a possible solution for the car parking problem on our Hills.

He’s suggested there is a scheme in the Development Control Regulations called the Public Parking Scheme. This scheme provides societies to come forward and provide parking for the public while redeveloping their old buildings. This will require cooperation & action from the authorities and see the practicality. If they can be convinced by substantially reducing the premium payable, atleast for the first 2-3 proposals on roads requiring parking spaces, this can resolve Malabar Hill parking problems. If successful it can be extended for the City.


Pet’s poop littering on roads

According to the BMC sanitation and health by-law 2006 if a pet poops in a public place, the  owner or caretaker should clean the mess or the civic body can collect Rs 500 as fine.

Even after this law there is lot of pet poop on our  neighbourhood roads. Many owners and care takers do take the effort to clean up and dispose off accordingly. However some don’t and refuse. A residents while on her morning walk points this out when any caretaker doesn’t clean up the poop. Most of the time she gets a very rude reply. It is a request to all pet owners to comply rules and also instruct their caretakers to clean up the poop. BMC should put up more boards indicating the BMC rules and fines.