July 13, 2024

Rotary Club Mumbai Malabar Hill

May 2024

In this month of summer and intense heat the Club distributed Heat and later Rain protection parasols to street vegetable & fruit vendors, security guards, street barbers, traffic police etc. The members were given a lot of blessings and good wishes. The Club members thanked Rtn Punit and President Suresh for this initiative. “Amba Mahaotsav” was celebrated at the Mahalaxmi and Mumbadevi Temples. The temple of the Goddesses were decorated with Mangoes as seen in pictures. The Club also gave donations to NGO Kshitij to procure raw materials for their specially-abled children to make chocolates. The children were extremely happy and interacted freely with Club members.

(By Punit Vakil)

March 2024

Dr. Divya Malhotra, a prominent numerologist, spoke for the members of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Malabar Hill about numbers and planets. 

Divya believes in the three W’s: Why? What? Whom? She also talked about why we were born on a specific day, date, time, and year. What is an individual’s purpose on earth? Whom is an individual connected to, and why?

February 2024

On 3rd January, 47 pairs of shoes and caps with the Club name was donated to girls via NGO Udyan Shalini Fellowship, which works for Empowering Girls. They ran the Tata Mumbai Marathon in these new pair of shoes. It was a nice initiative by the Club. 

(By Punit Vakil)