July 12, 2024

Tarot -78 Connect to your Inner Wisdom1

Dear Readers, we bring to you, a monthly guidance on HEALTH and SPIRITUALITY, an important aspect of Life. 

Kindly take what resonates with you. This is an absolute general guidance. For a personal reading, you may contact the Tarot and Angel Card reader on the details given below. 


Key words – Judgement, self-evaluation, awakening, renewal, composure, decisiveness, homesickness, snap judgements, apportioning blame, forgiveness 

In a health context, Judgement can signify a period of healing and wholeness after a difficult illness. You have come through the tough times, learned from them and you are ready and willing to take all necessary steps to help you on the road to recovery

In a spiritual context, Judgement signifies spiritual awakening. You have learned the karmic lessons of the past and you now understand what the universe has been guiding you to. You are ready to take a more enlightened spiritual path. The Judgement card can indicate that you have found your spiritual calling or may be going through a spiritual rebirth or renewal. Go with the flow and embrace all with an open heart and mind


Key words – Positivity, freedom, fun, success, optimism, vitality, joy, confidence, self-expression, good luck, enthusiasm, happiness, truth, openness, pregnancy.

The Sun is the card of vitality so you should be feeling full of life, balance, positivity, and wellness when it appears in the reading. If you have been ill, The Sun is a good omen for recovery. If you are trying to get pregnant, The Sun upright is also a good omen as it is one of the main pregnancy cards.

In a spiritual context, The Sun Tarot card can signify discovering the joy that a spiritual path has to offer. It is the card of enlightenment. After all the challenges, trials, and tribulations the Major Arcana has thrown at you, you have finally reached a place of true insight, enlightenment, and contentment. You understand your path and you are happy to let things unfold in their own time as you have complete trust in the universe’s love for you and where it is leading you.


 Key Words- Feeling trapped, confined, self-limiting, uncertainty, lack of direction, needing release, letting go.

If you have been experiencing health issues, The Hanged Man encourages you to consider all your treatment options. This does not mean you should reject the treatment you have been offered but it tells you to rethink your health issues and consider tackling them from multiple angles. It can also indicate that whatever the issue you are experiencing, you may need to just allow yourself time to heal rather than becoming frustrated that your health is not improving as quickly as you want it to.

In a spiritual context, The Hanged Man suggests you to be mindful of your attitude to yourself. If you have been engaging negative thinking you need to stop this as it is may affect your outcome as well as how you feel about your life.  Do not allow yourself to get bogged down spiritually. If you release old beliefs or negative thoughts that do not work for you anymore, you will find that whole new spiritual worlds will open to you and free you up to connect to your higher consciousness.


I hope you will enjoy the guidance given above. Stay tuned next MONTH for guidance BY ANGELS. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL

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