July 13, 2024

Prediction of 2024

2024 is Ruled by planet Saturn

  • Auspicious for those who are born on 8th,17th,26th of all the months.
  • Auspicious month is August.
  • Auspicious direction is West.

1. Person can sit in the west or face west for auspicious work,meetings, important messages, emails, etc

2. Person can grow their work in the west direction of a place,city,country, or any part of the world in the west direction .

  • Auspicious Day : All Saturday of the year 2024

People can donate fried food to needy every Saturday.

  • Auspicious colours : All dark colors , if possible touch any dark color to your skin every Saturday of the year.
  • Auspicious numbers :  2,6,8
  •  Auspicious dates are : 8,17,26,2,11,20,29,6,15, 24 of all the months.
  • Auspicious time : 7am , 8pm  ( if possible, do important meetings on these timings and, if possible, face or sit towards west direction ) 

The year will give a big positive boost, especially in favours of career and money matters.

New job or put a business plan in action , if you focus on making money, you will make money.  Avoid stress, anxiety. Use energy in the right direction of life. Rely on your own resources and judgement.

Doing social work will be advisable.  Remember what you reap you will sow.


Dr-Divya Malhotra Expert of numbers and planets which is termed as NUMEROLOGIST and an Author from Numerology Precise Solutions. We help in an individual GST ( Gyan of secret talent)